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5 thoughts on ““Go to Time Out…Of the Car!””

  1. I’d like to ask a question:

    How do you help a child get over or learn to handle “fear”.

    My grandson, now age 8, was severely battered until age 6. He has reported being beaten with video cables, he hid for hours under dirty laundry to avoid being beaten.

    Even though he has not seen the batterer since 2006, he suffers from anxiety and fear of possibly losing his mother, going through the courts, even being forced to speak to his father and faces possible future visits with the man who beat him and his mother.

    He has made progress as the batterer is now behind bars and will be until 2011.

    He has severe anxiety attacks. In elevators, on airplanes, etc. He also sucks his thumb. He was wetting the bed but has recently stopped.

    We want to help him every way we can. Do you have any suggestions specifically about the thumb sucking or airplane?

    He often asks me when he will stop being afraid.

    Thank you.

  2. First, Cherry, thank you for responding and for your excellent and heart-wrenching question. I can’t imagine how horrific that little boy’s experience has been and continues to be.

    You use the words “get over”. I’m not sure we can expect him to get over the horrific abuse any time soon. He can cope, he can try to make some sense of his suffering and the evil that this person did to him. Those are existential issues that psychology can’t even touch, much less solve.

    The most important factor for a child like him is to normalize and empathize. What I mean is that his response, even though it is strange and counterproductive, is perfectly normal given what he has been through and is now going through. He SHOULD be anxious, depressed, struggle to think like “normal” children, etc. It would be very odd indeed if he behaved, thought, felt, slept, ate, or functioned normally.

    I say let him suck his thumb and help him understand why he does it. The more he understands, the more choices he can make consciously about his behavior. Long-term, that will help him.

    I hope this helps!

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