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What is your bedroom door policy for your children? Many parents struggle to keep their younger children’s door open no matter how many times they tell them not to close their bedroom door. Unless you are extreme, you can’t really take the door off – since you do want to provide your children with basic […]

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Are You Asking for Help?

It is extremely difficult to ask for help; for some, more than others. Making requests for help induces so much fear some that it paralyzes the ability to learn without shame or guilt. The fear is very real; there are many valid reasons to be afraid. Some of the more common fears are: the fear […]

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Improve Your Time Management

During busy times of the year, it feels like there are too few hours in a day. For some, it seems that every day the to-do list keeps growing and that no matter how much effort one puts into knocking items off the list, it simply refuses to shorten. There is a method to take […]

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7 Reasons You Can’t Resist Your Fast Food Temptation

Many of us lose the battle and find ourselves yet again at the same drive through that we have vowed to stop coming to. We all know fast food is not good for us – but did you know that the reason you are so hooked on your favorite fast food place is no coincidence? […]

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Fear of Change

  Everyone to a certain degree fears change – because change ultimately means something new, unpredictable, and uncertain. Overall, we humans do not like change – most of us offer some resistance to it. Change is especially hard when it is forced upon you. Why do those who want to change—who have a genuine desire […]

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