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Our Control May Be the Problem

It’s time to really rethink our education system and style. Why is it that we have revamped everything we do since the 1700’s except for the way we teach our young? Consistently, evidence-based research points out that our education system and pedagogy are far from optimal. Of course, any school system is far from perfect, […]

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Digital Demise

High-Strung from high-energy blue screens? In this technological age, our noses are consistently pressed up against some type of electronic device. Young and old, we have become consumed by the entertainment these devices provide. It’s time we consider the potential damaging effects our obsession will wreak. Most of us have heard that the blue light […]

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Resilience: Grow, Learn, and Overcome

When you are under pressure – do you bend or break? Do you adapt to change well? Do you have a strong internal locus of control? Do you have sufficient self-efficacy? The answers you have to these questions indicate how resilient you are. Resilience is the Psychology term for tolerance—the ability to tolerate stress, assaults […]

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Cognitive Dissonance

Perhaps you have heard or read the term cognitive dissonance? Psychologist Leon Festinger used cognitive dissonance as a way to explain his theory of what people experience when they simultaneously hold two conflicting beliefs. Festinger observed that humans strive to achieve balance and consistency in our lives; when that balance seems awry, we create justifications for […]

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Become a Better Communicator Through Mindful Listening

In order to become expert at communicating, you must ask yourself a very important question: Do you listen to understand or do you listen to respond? These are two completely different purposes that one must become consciously aware of about oneself. Listening to understand focuses on the message the person with whom you are speaking […]

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