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To Test or Not To Test…

By Dr. Dathan Paterno Many times, people are asked about whether they or their child should be tested; sometimes it is referred to as “undergoing psychological evaluation” or some other similar phrase. Other times, a therapist will suggest that their client be tested (aka, evaluated). Quite often, this elicits a strong anxiety response, partly because […]

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Were you the one that was left behind?

The end to any relationship can be challenging; the depth and complexity of the challenges depend on the quality of the relationship, as well as the end. Ideally, an ending to a relationship is mutual, where both partners realize it is time to move on. Both parties take the knowledge they obtained about themselves in […]

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Five-Step Essential Relaxation Strategy

Knowing the best ways to relax encourages taking the time to allow for your body to relax. This serves many physical and mental health benefits. It is far too easy to get caught up in the business and fast pace of life; sometimes, days can go by while you have yet to take a second […]

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Part 3: How to be a Partner Through Addiction

Struggling with an addiction challenges even the most empathic and resolute friend or family member. Being a partner of someone struggling with an addiction can sometimes push one to the edge. As a partner of someone with an addiction, you cannot help but question what is making your partner addicted – is it merely habit […]

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Are All Women Teachers Sexual Predators?

I realize this is a grossly hyperbolic and provocative title. I meant it to be for a couple reasons. First, it mirrors the kind of sensationalist headlines we see in the news media today. Second, there are increasing numbers of cases where women teachers are caught having sexual relationships with students; there is a real […]

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