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Reaching Your Goal of Increased Self-discipline

Self-discipline seems to be a huge struggle for us in today’s society. Everything is so easily obtained that most of the time we don’t even have to leave the comfort of our home to get anything. The downside is that we sometimes overdo things and hurt ourselves in the long run. The solution is to […]

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How to Emotionally Support Your Partner

In relationships, human beings long for emotional support from their partner. Unfortunately, emotional support rarely is offered correctly, or at all. Of course we all understand that we must support each other in a partnership, but we often become tongue-tied or stiff when it comes to creating the words or actions necessary to express that. […]

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Solitude gets a bad rap in Western culture. It is odd that the word has such a negative connotation, given that time and time again, data points out myriad benefits for a little alone time. Could we possibly be too frightened to be alone that we never even allow ourselves that blissful state of silence […]

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The Secret to Increased Productivity

Stimulating our own productivity isn’t always the easiest thing to initiate. Many of us wait passively until motivation strikes or until we achieve some nirvana of organization. Often we simply set standards that are impossible to reach, reducing productivity to a treadmill with lots of activity but no end in sight. Chris Bailey, author of […]

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The Real Leprechaun Story

by Dathan O’Paterno Leprechauns. You don’t hear too much about them except now, in the middle of March, when the Chicago River turns green, parades fill the TVs, Shamrock Shakes make their yearly appearance, and moms boil up the usual dose of corned beef and cabbage. It seems everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. […]

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