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Could Your Child Be the Bully?

Many think that bullies are only made in hostile, negligent homes. False. A bully can be produced in multiple homes, come from multiple parenting styles, and blossom out of many different types of experiences. Quite frequently, parents are shocked when they find out their child was the aggressor. Do not be naïve when it comes […]

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7 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied

It’s hard to prepare your child for situations in which they can be bullied, in part because bullying manifests in myriad different ways. The National Center for Educational Statistics counts more than one out of every five students having been bullied. Twenty percent; these numbers are simply unacceptable. Mendi Baron, founder and CEO of Evolve […]

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Modern Drug Dealer: Parents

By Dr. Dathan Paterno Today’s adolescents are in a lamentable position: simultaneously the most connected generation in history, while devolving into a generation so disconnected, they languish in a morass of loneliness. Modern technology contributes to this counterintuitive duality. On a superficial level, Millennials are profoundly connected; through cell phones and social media, they can […]

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Silence and the Need to Conceal

Researchers are always trying to unravel the mystery of our desperate need to conceal secrets. The silence that accompanies our need to conceal could even be more harmful than keeping actual secrets. Silence, of course is not what causes agony in the future; it is our perspective of the context in which such a secret […]

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Our Control May Be the Problem

It’s time to really rethink our education system and style. Why is it that we have revamped everything we do since the 1700’s except for the way we teach our young? Consistently, evidence-based research points out that our education system and pedagogy are far from optimal. Of course, any school system is far from perfect, […]

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