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The More You Compare, the Lower Your Despair

Our morning routines and habits are all too familiar and similar: you wake up, check your phone – primarily to scroll through Facebook or another social media account before you get out of bed. So at the very start of your day, you have already triggered the process of comparing yourself to everyone you know […]

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The BEST way to bring about changes in your life in 6 Steps.

Unhappiness is a normal phenomenon in life. However, unhappiness combined with hopelessness can breed depression. The good news is that unhappiness need not be permanent. You have the power to change your life if you are not happy. Joy is attainable; all you need is the steps to guide you there. Personal development is something […]

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Why is my Teen Depressed?

It’s a difficult time to be a teenager or young adult. Forced into multiple adult decisions, many critical, all in a short window, while the brain remains immature. Adolescents are just beginning to discover themselves: who they are, what/who they like, and what/who they don’t like. Peer approval and acceptance becomes the prime directive; anything […]

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From Trauma to Success

It is no less than tragic that those who have endured trauma or significant tragedy are viewed as damaged or weak, incapable to do what they once did. It is often as if they have become less human as a result of their challenging experiences. Luckily, research turns this myth on its head by revealing […]

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The Magic of Failure

No one wants to fail; even admitting failure can be painful. What if we stopped looking at failure as necessarily negative? Instead of viewing failure as the barrier, we must see our failures as building blocks, with which you can choose to build your staircase to success. Ask yourself: how can you possibility be good […]

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