Almost There!

An update on my book…

Desperately Seeking Parents is now at the publisher, going through an editing review. After that, I will begin working with the graphic arts department to determine front and back cover artwork. We are wrestling with a few major changes as well, including the title. One of the other options is No More Wimpy Parents.

Dr. David Stein, my good friend and mentor, has graciously agreed to write the foreword for the book. He is the bestselling author of Unraveling The ADD/ADHD Fiasco and Ritalin is Not the Answer.

If all goes well, the finalized book could be on the shelves sometime in winter–perhaps before March of 2010.

2 thoughts on “Almost There!”

  1. I would say stick with the title you have. Wimpy would be a downgrade. I actually like your “Parents in Charge” slogan or something like that for the title. How about, “Parent-wise”?

  2. There is already a parenting book from 10 years ago called Parents in Charge, so I want to avoid that.
    We’ll see what the publisher says. I like a provocative title, but also something a bit cerebral. Y’know, the cerebral/provocative mix….

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