Desperately Seeking Parents…Finally!

OK, Desperately Seeking Parents is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s website.

Here are 10 reasons parents and grandparents should buy my book:

1. It’s short (150 pages) and to the point.

2. It’s very easy to read; I purposely wrote it in a conversational style. Nothing academic or complex in this book.

3. It’s cheap! Only $13.95 for paperback and $30 for hardcover (I say get the paperback).

4. It will show you exactly why children need parents who are in control, without becoming controlling.

5. It supports parents’ rights and authority, without demeaning the position of children.

6. It clarifies the difference between rights and privileges, which will help parents determine the things that will motivate their children and avoid spoiling them.

7. This is the first book to utilize a Family Constitution: a way to codify family structure, expectations, rewards, and consequences. Parents have found this enormously helpful.

8. It suggests high expectations for children and shows parents how they can get the very best from their children.

9. It’s funny. Imagine Dave Barry as a parenting expert–except without the booger jokes.

10. It works! I’ve been using this method with parents since I started my practice and have seen amazing results–often in less than a week.

Go get it and review it online. I look forward to your feedback!

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