Little Miss Annoying

OK, I’m inviting all parents to share some of your child’s more annoying behaviors. My point isn’t to harp on children or focus on the negative; rather, I’m opening up the blog as a forum for parents to vent. Venting is good, especially for parents. Where do you go when you need to vent?

We all love our children, I’m sure. We spend so much time focusing on the positives, the hopes, the dreams, that we forget to admit that children can sometimes be extremely annoying. It’s their job.

I’ll go first. One of the most annoying things my kids sometimes do is to start talking to me as I’m walking out of the room. I hate that! I’m done with a conversation, I’m on my way out of the room, ready to do something else, and I hear, “Um, Dad…?” Drives me crazy!

Ok, now it’s your turn. What do your kids do that is annoying? Remember, good-natured ribbing is healthy.

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