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2 thoughts on “Banning the “Play-Date””

  1. I dunno. We’re so behind the times I can’t even get “hang out with your friends” times to happen anymore. Seems around our town your kid has to be in camps, classes, athletic teams etc. all day every day. I was just complaining about this to my Facebook friends. We have a few such activities for our 6 year old, but also leave a couple of days totally open for just hanging out, preferably with a friend, but the friends are all too busy. One of them had four (4!) separate activities on the day that we invited her to come over. I don’t know how the parents keep up with the schedule, much less afford it…but it’s tempting to add a couple more such events to our schedule, because otherwise it is hard to impossible to provide social activities for my kid, which is something she really needs.

  2. KDL – wow, i thought it was just me. i have a nine-year-old who is having an increasingly difficult time finding friends to come over and play. this seems to correlate with the increase in the number of sports teams he and his friends are on, as well as other after-school activities. he hears ‘no’ more often than ‘yes’ when he asks for playdates, even with his best friends. a couple of them live less than one block away, but he plays with them maybe once every couple of months.

    having said that, he’s very picky about who he enjoys hanging out with, but i’d always imagined friends coming over a couple of times a week. now it’s a couple of times a month, tops. i was wondering if maybe our house wasn’t perceived to be a fun place to play.

    i think fewer ‘playdates’ for our kids these days may also have to do with both parents working outside the home. much harder to host a playdate when the parent isn’t home until 5 or 6 pm.

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