Why Psychiatry is Irrelevant, Part IV

Yesterday I listed several of the existential questions and crises that have crippled people with anxiety or depression throughout history. Many of my readers can already see enough evidence that depression and anxiety are expected consequences of being a deeply imperfect human in a deeply imperfect world.

But wait, there’s more!

Today, I will list some of the traumas that trample on the souls of human beings. When I say trauma, I am not referring to skinned knees or watching the Cubs fail. I’m talking about the kind of events that overwhelm the mind’s ability to absorb information, to make sense of the evil in this world. As you can see, traumas stimulate existential crises.


  • Abuse and/or neglect, by parents or other relatives, teachers, or other trusted adults
  • Sexual (rape, incest, molestation, sexual slavery)
  • Physical
  • Slavery
  • Emotional misuse (severe control)
  • Witnessing the abuse of others, especially family members
  • War (witnessing atrocities, being forced to commit atrocities)
  • Natural disasters
  • Victim of violence or torture (e.g., severe bullying)
  • Abduction
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Accidents (killing/injuring someone else)

Does anyone really think that a person who is reduced to depression or significant anxiety who has experienced any of these becomes so because of a broken brain? That is exactly what the medical model of psychiatry teaches.

Tomorrow, more causes for depression and anxiety.

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