Why Psychiatry is Irrelevant, Part V

There are so many potential causes for depression and anxiety that every time I look at the lists, I add one or more new ones I hadn’t thought of before.

As promised, the next batch of sufferogenic causes of depression that have nothing to do with a genetic predisposition or a mythical chemical imbalance.

As anyone can attest, we are highly relational creatures. Students of Introduction to Psychology might recall the Harlow experiments, where baby monkeys were removed from their mothers, then given various replacements with varying degrees of similarity to the mother. The monkeys were generally quite disturbed after the long separation.

We know that humans are even more susceptible to deep pain and pathology when devoid of human contact. The symptoms it produces are nothing short of depression and anxiety. All relational crises, then, can stimulate or exacerbate depression or anxiety.

Relational Crises:

  • Divorce/break-up and resulting loss of relationship (e.g., parent losing custody of a child)
  • Rejection by loved ones or someone desired
  • Discovering one is socially undesirable or lacks skills to make friends
  • Loneliness
  • Family schism
  • Relational strain/broken alliances in relationships
  • Rejection/ridicule/lack of respect from co-workers or superiors

Any reader who says they haven’t experienced one of these is lying. We all experience them. We all hurt deeply from them.

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