Bullies Come From Bullies

Have you seen the footage of this moronic Australian kid taunting and assaulting a kid twice his size? Eventually, the larger boy had enough, grabbed the twerp, body-slammed him, and walked away.

Just a regular day at the playground, as far as I’m concerned. Crime was committed; justice was done. Let’s move on.

But not for the mother of the little twerp. She’s asking for an apology from the other boy! They can get Patrick B. Courtney, P.A. in Tampa attorneys to help them with the legalities.

She now says that while she was “shocked” at her son’s behavior, she didn’t think he deserved to be slammed to the ground. Neither boy suffered serious injuries in the fight and both boys were suspended from school (who decided not to pass judgment on who was more in the wrong; talk about moral equivalency!).

Trial attorney Lee Armstrong got it right:

“We understand that in the past [this boy got] bullied every day… If this was like a Wii video game and we could control his limbs, that’s exactly what one of us would have done. The fact that this smaller kid can’t appreciate the difference in size between himself and a larger kid is his problem. This kid should not have been suspended.”


What the twerp’s mother should do is have dad give the boy another beating, tell him he deserved every last bit that he got, and hope that he has learned his lesson. Then she should make the twerp call the bigger kid and apologize to him for bullying and taunting him, and admit he was a fool for picking on someone much bigger. That’s what a gentleman would do.

Apparently, they aren’t raising a gentleman.

3 thoughts on “Bullies Come From Bullies”

  1. I agree 100%. The big kid took two punches to the face before reacting. I say he showed an amazing amount of restraint.

    I heard a teaching on turning the other cheek that totally shifted my thinking on that passage in the bible. Growing up I was taught that in a situation like that you turn the other cheek. Basically be a doormat to bullies and whoever else would like to hurt you.

    But the teaching I heard said that culturally, in that time, if you were slapped on the face it was a sign of disrespect. And that would have only been done with the right hand to the left cheek, because the left hand was for…well…wiping and was unclean. So, by turning the other cheek, the right cheek was no longer available to slap. The only other option was to close the left hand into a fist and punch the other cheek as to not make that person “unclean” with a left hand slap. To intentionally make a person unclean would be an insult to yourself. And a punch to the face was considered a strike of equals, not of disrespect.

    So, was Jesus saying that by turning the other cheek you are demanding to be treated like an equal?

  2. We have taught all four of our kids about restraint, being a doormat, and responding in kind in order to defend yourself.

    My brother was the subject of bullies until 3rd grade (parents moved him to a school that had no tolerance for it and actually did something about it) — he was heads taller and heavier than kids his age (he’s a 6’7″ man now). No physical bullying, always verbal. One kid just wouldn’t let up. So my brother just quietly followed him home one day. Didn’t say anything. Just walked home on the opposite side of the street until they got to the kid’s home. Kid went in. And never bothered my brother again after that.

  3. These children really have been influenced most likely by their playmates or even by their parents. What ever the reason is, they must be guided well so that they would become responsible, respectful and mature citizens of the society in the future. For children with these extreme behaviors, I would suggest they should be admitted to kids boot camp. One of the objectives of these activities is to divert and transform their negative actions into responsible and desirable traits.

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