Another Study From Captain Obvious: Sexual Abuse Damages the Soul

An interesting new English study of sexual abuse victims has concluded that there is a very strong causal relationship between sexual abuse and future psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia.

Interestingly, the researchers found that the more profound the abuse suffered, the more profound was the emotional problem and level of psychosis. The researchers also correlated sexual abuse with future struggles with depression and anxiety.

Most people with at least half a brain would say, “Well, duh.”

But wait, didn’t we learn somewhere that psychiatry had determined, definitively, that schizophrenia and other mental disorders were “brain-based” (the term “brain-based” being code for “caused by a genetically inherited birth defect in the brain”). At least this is what the vast majority of psychiatrists preach; this is also what their public advocacy group, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, teaches.

The average Joe doesn’t realize that there has been a minority of mental health clinicians who have known for decades that the broken brain theory of mental illness is hogwash. It is heartening to know that at least some professionals are catching on.

It’s about time they caught up. Maybe now they can stop blaming brains and start placing responsibility where it belongs—psychospiritual overwhelm (or emotional trauma). Whatever you want to call it, the vast majority of “mental illness” isn’t really an illness at all; it is a normal, predictable response to an emotional, cognitive, and spiritual trauma that overwhelms a person’s ability to cope. It’s nurture, not nature.

Just wait: psychiatry will “discover” some way to explain away the common sense nurture explanation. With their whacked-out logic, they’ll start telling the public that children born with the predisposition toward schizophrenia somehow invite sexual abuse more often than others. Yeah, that’ll be really helpful. Or psychiatry’s favorite nonsensical refrain, “The abuse uncovered the underlying mental illness.” How these people get advanced degrees is one of the great mysteries of the world…

The truth is that the fountainhead of psychiatry stems from the cockamamie theory that presumes emotional problems are caused by faulty wires or biochemical imbalances. Gratefully, more and more people are turning to common sense, rather than pseudoscience. Hopefully, more scientists will produce science that both reflects and utilizes common sense from this study. Then we can really start helping the hurting.

Until then, they will be drugged into brain-damaged submission, without hope of a cure, wondering how the professionals who were supposed to help them turned out to be almost as cruel as their original abusers.

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