The Neverending Text Message Thread

by Jessica Fox, LCPC


“So…what’s up?”




(5 minutes later)

“Now what are you doing?”

(No response after one hour)

Panic sets in….I can’t believe Olivia hasn’t texted me back yet.  She must hate me.  She must know that I texted Alison that I thought she didn’t like me.  Oh no.  I need to text somebody else or else I will feel like NOBODY likes me. 

“Hey Ali”

“Hey, what’s up?”

Phew.  I’m not invisible.  I bet everyone is on a group text though and they are probably leaving me out on purpose.  Olivia only talked to be once at school today.  She still hasn’t written me back and even though Alison did text me back, I still feel like EVERYBODY hates me.  Why isn’t anyone texting me right now.  Oh wait I need to respond to Ali….

“Did you tell Olivia that I thought she didn’t like me?”

“No. Why would I do that?”


Conversation lasts all day off and on until 2:30 am.  I can’t put my phone down though or else the LAST person that probably likes me won’t like me anymore.  She will think I’m rude for not writing back.  I can’t say goodbye or else she might never talk to me again.  How can I end this conversation?  It’s not worth the risk.  I’ll just stay up another hour.

“What’s going on?  How were the last 10 minutes of your life?”

“So tired……”

“Cool.  Me too….”

“I ….”

If only I knew how to end a conversation I could go to sleep.  If I stop talking then I won’t matter anymore.  I’ll be all alone…. 

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