Cannabis, what information are we missing?

The public needs to be informed on the risks of cannabis use. Currently, there are as high as 24% psychosis cases resulting from heavy cannabis use. Looking at the trends now, 22.2 million of the U.S. population use cannabis compared to 14.5 million 20 years ago. The difference from the “pot” 20 years ago, however, is that the cannabis today has donea THC potency that is 12% higher. Data collected between 2007-2014 has brought to light that the individuals who smoke most in the U.S. are 15-16 years old. This could not be more alarming since adolescents do not know or realize that there are genetic risks for psychosis or addiction. As a public we need to be warned that substance treatment clinics treat as much as 75% of their patients as a result of cannabis use.  Are we ready America to know the Truth?

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