The Benefits of Yoga Therapy: Why More Doctors Are Prescribing It?

It is exciting to see an increasing number of people include yoga in their daily lives. Yoga Therapy too is finding favor in the mainstream of mental health treatment, as it focuses on healing the whole person: spirit, mind, and body. Avital Scharf, Co-Founder and CEO at, explained the main benefits of Yoga Therapy in her article, Yoga Therapy: The Newest Health Trend that Doctors are Paying Attention To. Avital Scharf reports that yoga practice strengthens “[T]he heart and cardiovascular system, muscles, the lungs, as well as the body’s nervous system…improves digestive system function, nurture psychological well-being, and enhance delivery of oxygen to the body’s tissues.”

Additionally, a great feature of this therapy is that it can adjust just about to any style and level of the individual; for example, those who are elderly may see more benefit from “Chair Yoga”, a practice with lower intensity, but significant benefit.

Even though Yoga Therapy is relatively new form of treatment, it hails from an ancient practice. Due to its clinically proven benefits, many doctors are eager to share this with their patients. Yoga therapy helps treat a myriad of health concerns, including anxiety, back pain, insomnia and depression. One of its critical advantages is that there are no life threatening side effects. It is safe to assume that Yoga Therapy will definitely be making an appearance at more wellness and health care settings soon.

Yoga postures, known as asanas, help ease the physical discomfort that is caused by anxiety. Asanas work to stretch, lengthen, and balance the muscles. These postures can assist in releasing built-up muscle tension and stiffness throughout the body. Studies have also shown that CBD oil can be effective in treating various types of anxiety, including: Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) Social anxiety disorder, read more here.

Park Ridge Psychological Services is pleased to have Meghann Richko, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who specializes in Yoga Therapy. This style of therapy is especially suggested to those who are looking to empower themselves with a deeper awareness and understanding of their emotions, mind, and body.

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