10 Situations Where Saying “No” Can Improve Your Life

by Olga Zavgorodnya

Self-improvement: for many, the term is a silly cliché. For others, it’s a scary notion. After all, improvement means change – and for most of us, change can be scary. If you wish to make personal change, you must keep in mind that the changes you set out to make can drastically improve the quality of your life.

For success to take root, you must learn to say “No” to many simple, everyday things. In the words of Warren Buffet, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” Like what? Well, here is a list that will help you take the first step towards achieving your success (adopted from Screenwriter, filmmaker, communication and lifestyle expert Nena Tenacity):

  1. Say “No” to propositions that you are not fully interested in; even though it seems like an opportunity. Remember if you invest time in an opportunity you are not excited about, that is time that you could be investing towards a passion of your and an even better opportunity. “Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best”. – John C. Maxwell
  2. Say “No” to networking. Build relationships not networks. You must learn to say no to the standard type of networking you are used to, and instead learn how to really connect with others.
  3. Say no to spending time with people who do not inspire you. Surround yourself with people who motivate you, not knock you down.
  4. Say “No” to overworking yourself. Lead a balanced life.
  5. Say “No” to laziness. Being successful includes maintaining an exercise regimen; it will improve focus and motivation, as well as your sleep.
  6. Say “No” to junk food. Eating right helps your brain work well. You need the proper fuel to keep you going all day long.
  7. Say “No” to doing everything by yourself. Learn to trust others and delegate tasks to those who can do a good job. You do not have to handle everything all the time.
  8. Say “No” to priorities. Make a list of your “priorities” and figure out what your sole priority Focus on one, because when too many things become a priority – nothing will actually be prioritized.
  9. Say “No” to motivation. Do not rely on motivation to keep you going. Motivation comes and goes—you cannot really depend on it. Building healthy habits will be the cure. When you have habits in place, you will not need to wait for a stroke of inspiration to get you going.
  10. Say “No” to everything. You must pick what your goal is and focus on that one goal with all you have. There will always be plenty of other good ideas and opportunities; however, you must not get distracted and lose your focus.

Saying “No” is difficult at first, and requires effort. You must be dedicated to yourself and your goals. Like anything worth doing, saying “no” takes practice. Start today; say no to something that distracts you, brings you down, or has become a stumbling block to real success!

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