The BEST way to bring about changes in your life in 6 Steps.

Unhappiness is a normal phenomenon in life. However, unhappiness combined with hopelessness can breed depression. The good news is that unhappiness need not be permanent. You have the power to change your life if you are not happy. Joy is attainable; all you need is the steps to guide you there. Personal development is something anyone can take charge of and be in control of change. Every day provides a new beginning, a new opportunity to take life in a direction you have only been dreaming of.


  1. Stop procrastinating: no more excuses. Start today, start right now. Tomorrow will bring more excuses, more barriers to a happier you.
  2. Break up your goals into actions: Any personal development change can appear challenging. So break it down into manageable tasks that with smaller goals you can complete.
  3. Learn from others: Read books, articles, listen to other people’s stories on how they accomplished what they did. You do not have to do this alone; others have done it and are willing to share the secrets.
  4. Accepts your faults: Stop blaming others starting now. No more excuses!
  5. Visualize yourself: Where do you want to be in the future? Picture it, embrace it, and go after it!
  6. Follow your passion: No one can live your life for you, so why not do it to the best of your ability? Do things that you love, that you are passionate about, and do not listen to the negativity of others.

Andy Puddicombe is a Meditation Consultant and a former Buddhist monk is also the co-founder of the social enterprise Headspace and author of Get Some Headspace. He explains that “Growth by nature is an evolving process. It is not something static that we can ‘master’ once and for all… Life is constantly changing, constantly evolving, and so we need to learn how to ‘witness’ this change, to move skillfully with it, rather be ‘subject’ to the roller-coaster ride that change can sometimes bring about.”

Do not let life randomly direct what changes you make. Making changes to be the best you that you can be is a lifelong process, a lifestyle. Be in control and never give up. Do not let anyone stop you from obtaining your goal. Realize the only one in your way is you and it’s time to take some responsibility for your future. Be a happier you!

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