Fear: fight your beast and set yourself free

Do not let fear consume you. If you do not believe in yourself, fear will forever hold you in its grasp. You must realize that you yourself are enough. Get back up, even when you fall – because psychologically staying in any single past moment in time for too long robs you of the joy in the present moment you are missing.

Self-consciousness, low self-esteem, the judgement of others, obsessions, and habits all keep us trapped in the illusion that living life in the present moment is far too much of a risk. The news, social media, and everyone around us keeps projecting this image of the world that there is “not enough”: not enough resources, not enough opportunities, not enough time. Shake this negative view of the world and all the other imposed negative perspectives from others.

Do not doubt the joy that your life can have as you chose to take the steps to live it. Granted, this is easier said than done. Dr. Matthew B. James, President of The Empowerment Partnership in Hawaii and the author of The Foundation of Huna: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times created a three-step method on tackling the burden of fear when it happens.

Three steps to help you stop fear in its tracks:

  • Reframe it: Dig deep. When did you start becoming afraid and truly understood the meaning of fear? Think about that event and force your mind to change the meaning of the word fear that you learned so long ago. If you are scared of failure, stop thinking of from that perspective where failure means something bad and therefore you should be afraid of it. Start practicing to think of failure as a mistake, an opportunity for knowledge you did not have before – this change in thought process is what will give you the nudge to get back out there and to fight your (sometimes irrational) feelings of fear.
  • Make it silly: visualize ways in which the thing you fear would be funny. If you actually take the time to think about your fear and to make it silly in your mind – you will associate happy emotions with the thing you fear – overriding the emotions that arise when something is scary for you.
  • Replace fear with a positive emotion: inside of fear are feelings of empowerment. You have the choice to use your past and your fear as a means of motivation. Think about how happy you would be if you got that something that fear is standing in the way of. Use that positive emotion to embrace the fear and the challenge.

We learn what to fear through our experiences and emotions. This means we can unlearn our fears and in the place of fears we can insert ambition, courage, and commitment. You have the ability to make your body feel your thoughts. So if you think about things you fear – your body will manifest anxiety. Thankfully, there is now CBD tincture for anxiety that can help alleviate your stress and/or anxiety. In case this condition shows more often, you will definitely want to read more here about the cbd benefits to fight this condition, learn More about the author and why cbd can be good for you. If you think about things that made you strong, things you are grateful for, and truly think about how much you believe in yourself – you will feel invincible.

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