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The Magic of Failure

No one wants to fail; even admitting failure can be painful. What if we stopped looking at failure as necessarily negative? Instead of viewing failure as the barrier, we must see our failures as building blocks, with which you can choose to build your staircase to success. Ask yourself: how can you possibility be good […]

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Are you obsessed with blaming someone else for your misery?

Blaming someone else for your unhappiness represents one of the most destructive things you can do to yourself. Blame is an immature choice that pushes a cycle of self-perpetuated victimization. When you ruminate about a person or event that made you angry, eventually that unresolved, built-up anger will devolve to resentment. Resentment builds bitterness, which […]

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Three signs you are in the wrong relationship!

Can you spot a bad relationship – especially when you are in it? That is a difficult task, partly because relationships can blind us to our own reality. There are many reasons we don’t recognize when we are in a relationship that is wrong for us. There are also many reasons we choose to stay […]

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The Essentials of Psychotherapy

As most consumers of mental health services know, the number of schools of therapy constantly increase; today we have a dizzying number of unique schools of therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy (by far the most common) Behavioral therapy (Part B of CBT) Cognitive therapy (Part A of CBT) Family or Family Systems therapy Client-Centered (or Person-Centered) […]

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Modern Child Screen Time Horror!

Be honest, how much daily screen time does your child really get, including phones, tablets, and computers? How much per week? Now compare that to how much screen time you enjoyed as a child. Baffling, isn’t it? Now of course we live in different times – but you are still a parent and you have […]

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